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Managing your Talents - Interdisciplinary Research on the Performing Arts

August 29, 2013 - August 30, 2013

Universities, colleges and art schools in Amsterdam pool their knowledge at the ‘Managing your Talents’ conference on 29th and 30th August at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.


The Conservatoire will host its first international conference which will mark the new collaborative efforts of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Theaterschool, the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam to link research and the performing arts.  All these educational institutions have knowledge that is important to the training of performing artists.  Their knowledge covers not just the artistic métier and teaching practices but also extends to the biomedical, psychological and cognitive sciences.


The programme is based on four themes: talent, practice, excellence and (over)exertion.  The speakers come from a wide range of disciplines such as music, dance, medical science, psychology, cognitive science, teaching and movement science.  Daniel Levitin (professor of neuropsychology, McGill University, Montreal) is a keynote speaker.   Attendees will see examples of teaching and rehearsal techniques for professional artistic training.


The Amsterdam educational establishments want to combine and share their knowledge more closely in the years to come and to formulate a joint research agenda.


The conference ‘Managing your Talents: Interdisciplinary Research on the Performing Arts’ is important to everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in artistic training.  It is also a must for anyone with a scientific interest in the performing arts who wants to share this interest with researchers from a wide range of disciplines. To find more information and to register, please visit


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