The Government's Music and Dance Scheme (MDS) supports the aims of Foundations for Excellence.  The internationally recognised Scheme and its participating partners seek to identify, and assist, children and young people with exceptional talent, dedication and potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education, which will enable them, if they choose, to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in music and dance.


The MDS provides targeted means-tested fee support and grants to designated centres of excellence for the education and vocational training of young musicians and dancers aged 8 to 19.  It represents the top of the pyramid for performing arts education and training and is the Government’s main vehicle for funding the training needs of such children and young people.  Although small, the scheme, its beneficiaries, its participating organisations and its patrons have a huge impact on the performing arts world.


Further information about the scheme and which centres of excellence participate in it can be found at, at and at

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