Exercise and fitness

General exercise and fitness and advice on some specific circumstances


Don't cramp your style!

Warm-up exercises and top tips beneficial for all performers, whether you are practising/rehearsing or performing. Prepare yourself as a performance athlete! This factsheet is also available as a handy credit card-sized concertina leaflet.

Exercise for musicians , play fit, not flat!

Musicians’ Health Scotland Musicians are like elite athletes, but don’t always recognise the fact: this article promotes the many benefits of exercising regularly.

Fit to play: top tips for instrumental musicians

Whatever your instrument, and whatever style of music you play, you should take a holistic approach to your practising and performing.

Fit to sing: vocal health is all about mind and body as well as voice!

Top tips to help you take a holistic approach to practising and performing as a singer, whatever your style or repertoire.

Healthy eating ( Healthy eating, nutrition and eating disorders )

Bone health: the following first four articles provide useful information about the importance of maintaining adequate calcium levels to avoid bone disease. The IADMS paper looks more deeply into the subject matter.

How to have Healthy Bones

Dance UK information sheet on a must-know subject.  (Follow the link and scroll down the page to find the information sheet you need.)

Keeping fit and healthy on tour: Twenty steps to a more balanced working routine

Advice on maintaining your fitness (physical work capacity) and health (being free from, and resistant to, physical and mental illness) when on tour and away from your usual routines and resources.  

Pregnancy and the Dancer

An information sheet offering advice and a sharing of experiences of being pregnant whilst dancing.


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