Noise and hearing damage

Information on understanding noise levels and preventing hearing damage

Advice to students: Protect your hearing

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Don't Lose the Music

This website is aimed at those performing at, or attending, gigs/clubs and includes advice, people’s direct experience of being affected by noise and earplug offers.

Don't lose the Music - Foundations for Excellence

This infosheet is aimed primarily at performers working in and around amplified music or in environments in which noise levels are likely to get dangerously above legal limits, but of course we all need to think about protecting our hearing when...

Don't lose the music: Hearing loss and tinnitus

A few “home truths” about noise levels and their effects on musicians’ hearing, with sound advice on preventing hearing damage.

Listen While You Work: Hearing Conservation for the Arts

Written for performers and others who work in British Columbia’s arts production and entertainment industries, this 71 page document is a clearly written and comprehensive account of how we hear (and don’t hear) which emphasises the...

Noise and hearing

awaiting publication

Noise Awareness

You will need to be a member of the MU to access this information sheet.

Safe Gigging ? Health and Safety for Musicians

A comprehensive and engagingly written guide to all the health and safety issues relating to gigging, including a section on noise and hearing damage.


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